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What our customers are saying


Patty C.

"Israel was a great personal trainer for both myself and my two daughters (in their 20'​s). He was able to train us in the same session and modified our exercises/movements - non-impact to accommodate my bad knees, while ramping it up for my daughters to give them more cardio. He has a big heart and really wants to help those he is working with, which is what makes him so good at what he does. I would recommend Israel as a trainer for anyone looking to improve their health and/or fitness, for anyone willing to put in the work and wanting to feel great about themselves. "


Jr Rodriguez & Family

"Can't say enoug​h about coach Caban. Coach Caban is 100% vested in developing basketball players regardless of age. What stood out to me the most is, it doesn't matter how many kids come out to his clinics, he doesn't change his teachings. Speaks to the kids in a way that motivates, inspires, builds confidence, and the kids respond. And Coach Caban does it with a smile!!! My son has been going to his clinics for sometime now and seeing the progression in his game is very rewarding to me but more importantly rewarding to my son Marcus. I want to personally take this opportunity to say Thank You!!! Keep up the great work--


Sherri R.

Offsite review"Since working with Coach Caban our daughter's over all play has improved dramatically. She receives compliments from other coaches on her footwork, shooting form and movement away from the ball. She has fun and is in the best shape she has ever been in. Coach Caban really cares about his students and is always there for them with encouraging words and wisdom. We highly recommend Coach Caban for anyone who wants to improve their game and overall physical and mental condition.

Sherri and Michael"


Emily B.

Always had a positive experience. Izzy functional fitness individualizes my work out so that I can meet the goals that I set for myself. They encourage and motivate me to push me through the tough workouts. Very accessible and works well around my busy schedule! 


Marc D.

Israel pushed me to my potential. He is always energetic and a pleasure to work out with. I was so impressed with his knowledge that I am now having him work out and train my mom who is 73 years old. She loves the work out and will go to her speed.

I recommend trying a class or a one on one work out with Israel, you will love it !!

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